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The Evolution of Golf Club Communications: A Modern General Manager's Perspective


The landscape of golf club management has undergone significant changes over the past three decades. From a time when a simple renewal letter was the primary means of communication with members, we now find ourselves in an era of extensive digital outreach. As modern General Managers, it is crucial for us to recognise the evolving nature of communication and its vital role in leading and positively influencing our businesses. In this article, we will explore how the emergence of technology has transformed the way we connect with members, customers, and our internal teams.

From Renewal Letters to Digital Engagement:

Three decades ago, the renewal letter served as the primary mode of communication with golf club members. Today, we have embraced a variety of digital channels to engage with our members and customers. Email has become a fundamental tool, allowing us to connect with individuals on a more frequent basis. We now send weekly club updates, share course updates regularly, and leverage social media platforms to showcase our offerings. This shift has allowed for more dynamic and interactive communication, enhancing the overall member experience.

The Significance of Internal Communication:

While external communication has undergone a dramatic transformation, the importance of internal communication should not be overlooked. As the responsibilities of General Managers have expanded, so too have the need for effective internal communication strategies. Ensuring the seamless flow of information within our teams is essential for operational success. Modern General Managers must prioritise internal communication to foster collaboration, coordinate health and safety protocols, address HR matters, and ensure compliance across multiple venues.

The Role of Technology in Communication:

The technological revolution has not only changed the frequency and methods of communication but has also presented new challenges and opportunities. General Managers must embrace technological advancements and adapt to ever-evolving communication platforms. Familiarity with email, social media, and other digital tools is essential for effective communication in today's golf club management landscape. Furthermore, harnessing data analytics and customer relationship management systems can provide invaluable insights for personalised communication and member engagement.

Communicating the Value to Decision-Makers:

To lead our venues progressively, it is crucial that we communicate the significance of modern communication strategies to the boards we report to. Boards may not always be fully aware of the time, skills, and energy required to manage effective communication channels. It is our responsibility to articulate the value of these efforts in driving member satisfaction, increasing revenue streams, and staying ahead of the competition. By establishing a clear understanding among decision-makers, General Managers can secure the necessary resources and support to execute effective communication strategies.


In the rapidly changing landscape of golf club management, effective communication has emerged as one of the most vital skill sets for modern General Managers. The transition from traditional renewal letters to digital engagement has revolutionised how we connect with members and customers. Simultaneously, internal communication has become an integral part of managing teams, compliance, and operational efficiency. To lead our venues progressively in the technological revolution, General Managers must advocate for the importance of effective communication to decision-makers. By doing so, we can ensure that our clubs thrive and continue to provide exceptional experiences for our members and customers in this digital age.

Phil Grice




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