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GTM are progressive golf strategists working to create proactive mindsets that enhance the evolution of our sport.

Industry experts, with over 30 years of delivering benchmark transformations and growth across the business of golf


Founded by Phil Grice, GTM will work with your management teams to help unlock their potential. With an interest in creating proactive mindsets, our GTM specialists work with industry professionals to challenge and guide ideas and strategies.

Our aim is to unlock the potential of your management teams and encourage transitional thinking to modernise and maximise on the opportunities available.


GTM Expertise

"You don’t know what you don’t know..."

GTM will support your golf business to offer industry-specific expertise where it is needed, create clarity where there’s uncertainty, and provide direction to deliver a vision for your venue, club and members. 

We will help you evaluate, plan and deliver all your primary touch points that are needed to evolve positive and progressive change.

We are not here to tell you what to do. We are here to engage and guide conversations with your teams that will unlock direction and strategies.

Image by John Such


Phil Grice did an incredible job in relocating Royal Norwich to its new site. Phil managed all aspects of the move from the negotiations with the club, the developer and the new site. Without Phil’s determination, attention to detail, negotiating skills and vision, the project would never have come to fruition. 


Phil is an outstanding senior executive and industry leader and I have been so personally impressed with what he has achieved at Royal Norwich.




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