Reasons why you should engage with GTM

  • Leadership support and accountability 

  • Challenge the governance of golf clubs to become open minded, professional and agile

  • Inspire clubs to foster progressive change, inclusivity and growth

  • Promote focused, strategic thinking and making possible happen

  • Ask the questions that need to be asked, even if we know you know the answer

  • Offer oversight and support to allow boards and committees to thrive

  • Support leaders to ensure good ideas flow and challenge where needed​​

Our business is to ensure your business is strategic, progressive and successful.

GTM's Core Values

Commitment - Never give up, work hard and fight for what you believe in.

Integrity - Be fair, open and honest at all times.

Passion - If it does not make you wake up before the alarm goes off don't do it.

We strive to be the benchmark, we challenge ourselves to find new ways and we are never scared of being first...